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MANACLE Advisors is a professional services firm offering a range of Tax, Risk and M&A advisory services for domestic and global business of all sizes. The firm enhances value for clients by focusing on solutions that are innovative yet practical, and that can be implemented. This is achieved by blending domain expertise with analytical rigor while maintaining an uncompromising focus on quality, and by hiring and nurturing high quality professionals with a passion for excellence. BMR is committed to making a difference to clients and to its people, and delivers this through the integrity of its efforts and by living its core values.

Understanding Business

We invest time to analyses your business objectives, operations and markets, so that we are properly focused on your requirements. As standard practice, we seek to understand the broad industry framework within which our clients operate and the key regulations that may uniquely apply to those industries. In selected key industries we dive deeper so that we have a better appreciation of industry regulations, market structure and industry practices and dynamics. We are able to apply this understanding and blend it with our extensive technical skills to deliver effective advice. Our industry efforts currently focus on the market segments that are having the greatest impact on the renaissance of the Indian economy. We constantly review our industry focus to ensure that we strategically allocate resources and refine our programmers, in step with developments in the economy.

New Business Models

Innovations in the supply chain, re-allocations and migration of functions, assets and risks, structuring commercial transactions, outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts or franchising—domestically or across multiple jurisdictions - we are ready to advise you on the tax, risk and transaction implications of all these and more.

The Big Picture

Our advice seeks to look beyond the impact of a single tax or transaction. Instead, we take into account the resulting implications across a range of direct and indirect taxes, regulatory requirements and foreign trade policy, to develop an optimum, holistic solution.

Implementing Innovative Ideas

Our endeavor is to go beyond the obvious and challenge conventional thought. We firmly believe that every idea is only as good as its effective implementation, so that clients can be sure that the solutions we craft will work. We know that we will gain confidence and retain it only when we provide practical advice in every interaction that you have with us.

Our People

Our professionals are passionate about our selected domain expertise. We collaborate to share knowledge, capitalizing on our collective expertise to provide high quality tailored advice that helps relieve the pressures associated with making complex decisions. Our partners and senior professionals are acknowledged leaders in their chosen areas of expertise, ensuring that you adhere both to best practice and to prevailing law at all times. We are independent, hence not diverted by audit-led conflict checks, enabling us to deliver practical advice in a responsive, timely manner.

Most growing businesses have to inevitably consider a domestic or cross-border transaction such as setting up a branch outside domestic market or acquiring an overseas company. These transactions are often complex and require careful consideration.

With our multidisciplinary expertise across sectors and industry verticals, we assist our clients in proactively executing strategic business transactions – by underscoring the major value drivers, and Ascertaining the major risks and opportunities in the transaction.

Owing to our comprehensive domain expertise in navigating complex issues associated with a transaction, we are proficient in supporting you through every step of the transaction lifecycle – from initial Investigation through to completion. Our integrated transaction advisory service offering that covers every phase of the transaction process includes the following:

  • Traditional financial and tax due diligence
  • tax structuring
  • supporting the bid process
  • operations due diligence
  • management assessment
  • valuations
  • IT due diligence and advice
  • completion accounts
  • commercial due diligence

MANACLE Advisors

MANACLE Advisorsis a professional services firm offering a range of Tax, Risk and M&A advisory services for domestic and global businesses of all sizes. The firm enhances value for clients by focusing on solutions that are innovative, yet practical and that can be implemented. We invest time to analyses your business objectives, operations and markets, so that we are properly focused on your requirements. As standard practice, we seek to understand the broad industry framework within which our clients operate and the key regulations that may uniquely apply to those industries. In selected key industries we dive deeper, so that we have a better appreciation of industry regulations, market structure, industry practices and dynamics. We are able to apply this understanding and blend it with our deep technical skills to deliver effective advice.


Agricultural Seeds

MANACLE , we work to bring better seeds for farmers. We do this by having a world-class breeding program that aims to keep finding the best plants adapted to local conditions. And, sometimes, we use genetic modification to bring beneficial traits to the plant, such as the ability to tolerate drought better, resist herbicide applications or ward off pests.

Monsanto provides seeds to farmers in eight row crops: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans, sugarbeets and wheat. In this section, you can learn about each crop and Monsanto's products.

In countries where genetic modification (GM) of plants isn’t adopted, Monsanto sells conventional seed to farmers. This seed is produced via breeding—we find two really good parents and breed them to produce offspring that has the best plant characteristics for that farmer’s area. For example, France is a country where we sell non-GM corn hybrids.

In countries where GM is widely adopted by farmers, we sell both conventional seed and GM seed. GM seed may include the following plant characteristics introduced by modifying the plant’s genome:

  • Herbicide tolerance
  • Insect tolerance
  • Drought tolerance

Every season, farmers evaluate the numerous companies with which they could do business. We are honored millions of farmers and their families decide to put their trust in us and buy our products.

MANACLE Vegetable Seeds

With growing populations, increasing incomes and new health recommendations, the demand for a wider variety of high-quality vegetables will continue to increase, causing an immediate need to harvest more quality, nutritious food from each unit of land, water and energy. We are working with farmers to meet these challenges by developing vegetables seeds that enable growers to produce tastier, more nutritious vegetables that help them conserve natural resources. Our Vegetable Seeds Division is focused on innovation to improve both the quality and productivity of vegetables grown from our seeds.

Genetically Modified Vegetable Seeds

Our Vegetable Seeds Division is focused on constantly improving both the quality and productivity of vegetables grown from our seeds. The vast majority of this improvement comes from traditional breeding. In the United States, there are only two vegetables that have been developed by genetic modification: sweet corn and squash. MANACLE also offers non-genetically modified seeds for these two crops through our Seminis seed brand.

Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

With growing populations, increasing incomes and new health recommendations, the demand for a wider variety of high-quality vegetables will continue to increase, causing an immediate need to harvest more quality, nutritious food from each unit of land, water and energy. We are working with farmers to meet these challenges by developing vegetables seeds that enable growers to produce tastier, more nutritious vegetables that help them conserve natural resources.

Our Vegetable Seeds Division is focused on innovation to improve both the quality and productivity of vegetables grown from our seeds

we hope that by developing products with excellent flavor and real nutritional benefits, people will enjoy eating more vegetables.

Agricultural Seeds

At MANACLE , we work to bring better seeds for farmers. We do this by having a world-class breeding program that aims to keep finding the best plants adapted to local conditions. And, sometimes, we use genetic modification to bring beneficial traits to the plant, such as the ability to tolerate drought better, resist herbicide applications or ward off pests. MANACLE provides seeds to farmers in eight row crops: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans, sugarbeets and wheat. In this section, you can learn about each crop and MANACLE 's products. Every season, farmers evaluate the numerous companies with which they could do business. We are honored millions of farmers and their families decide to put their trust in us and buy our products.

MANACLE Global Procurement

Welcome! We invite you to explore, learn, and if you are a new supplier to MANACLE, apply to collaborate with us. This is your gateway to learning how MANACLE enables sustainable agriculture and how you can partner with global supply chain procurement to delight our customers with each and every product or service we offer. At the heart of everything we do, you will find trust and integrity are core values we aspire to uphold. We’re glad you are here. Now let’s get started!


MANACLE SOLAR has taken considerable strides in the solar industry during recent years in Integrated Manufacturing, Rooftop, solar EPC and Project Development, and with an aim to deliver sustainable, innovative and cost effective solution across the entire Solar Power Value Chain.

Leveraging our strong core strengths to deliver engineering excellence, MANACLE SOLAR provides turnkey EPC solutions to its customers in India and abroad. Equipped with the above-mentioned strengths,

Commercial Grid Connected Rooftops

Power consumption load in commercial establishments is usually very high. Solar rooftop PV systems make use of free space available on roofs. These systems are used to maximize building energy efficiency, implement renewable energy measures to achieve green building certification and cater to power outages.

Solar PV modules can be mounted on the free space available on roofs to convert the sun’s energy directly into electrical energy. The electricity produced is direct current (DC) which is converted into alternating current (AC) with a Power Conditioning Unit (PCU). The AC power can either be consumed immediately in sync with the grid/other power sources or stored in batteries to be used during power outages/night time to drive critical loads.

Turnkey EPC Solutions

Leveraging our strong core strengths to deliver engineering excellence, MANACLE Solar provides turnkey EPC solutions to its customers in India and abroad. Our EPC capabilities include:

  • Providing technology for the solar project
  • Assistance in securing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Assistance in securing land, permits, licenses, etc.
  • Getting statutory approvals and clearances
  • Assistance in organizing debt for the projects
  • Equity participation in projects on case-to-case basis
  • Complete O&M services after commissioning

Equipped with these strengths, MANACLE Solar has entered into EPC agreements with private players for the development of solar plants and utilities (solar thermal and solar PV). MANACLE Solar has also We provide turnkey EPC solutions for both ground mounted projects and rooftop systems for in-house and third party projects. This includes:

  • Design and engineering of solar plants using varied technology.
  • Equipment selection and procurement.
  • Erection and commissioning (including transmission/evacuation infrastructure).
  • O&M services
  • Obtaining all permits and clearances related to solar power project development.

The various stages at which the team at MANACLE will engage are:

  • Turnkey responsibility as an overall contractor.
  • Design responsibility as an engineering partner.
  • Facility operations management.
  • In various capacities.


Commissioning is a quality assurance process that encompasses much more than just equipment start up India Engineering provides the owner of the facility with a high level of assurance that the mechanical systems have been installed according to design intent and will operate within the performance guidelines. Our intensive quality assurance commissioning method produces buildings that are comfortable and energy efficient, provides training to building owners, and produces proper documentation for operating the building to meet expectations.


  • Independent review of design and submittals
  • Site observation visits
  • Coordination of prefunctional checklists and equipment start up
  • Functional performance testing
  • Improved training and O&M documentation
  • Full coordination between owner, construction team and Cx Agent

Operations & Maintenance

Services Offered by O&M

MANACLE SOLAR has unique experience in all aspects of the power industry, from EPC to O&M of the solar power plants. O&M always strives to provide value-added services to its clients. O&M team members are highly experienced and skilled in providing quality and timely services to customers.

  • Some of the main services being offered by O&M to its customers include:
  • Plant monitoring (at string level) and recording data.
  • Daily and monthly performance data reporting.
  • Scheduled and predictive maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Inspection and maintenance works at regular intervals.
  • Troubleshooting 24×7.
  • Liaising with state utility (EB) for JMR and billing support to customers.
  • Warranty and insurance claim management.
  • 24 x7 security management of solar plant.
  • Overall solar plant management at the operational level.
  • High pressure module cleaning system – site specific.
  • Specialized predictive maintenance on inverters.
  • Thermography report of all power panels and electrical system during predictive maintenance.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements as applicable.
  • Services for taking over plant from EPC contractor/final acceptance test certification.
  • Training to plant owner engineers on solar plants.

Environmental & Waste Management

The Manacle Environmental and Waste Department is an integral part of the Manacle Infrastructure division. Our Team welcomes the environmental Challenges associated with working in the built and natural environment.

Increasing public awareness of environmental issues and stricter enforcement by government regulators means that businesses must adopt a more Responsible and proactive approach to mitigate and manage their impact on the environment. Manacle can provide clients with a comprehensive range of innovative, sustainable design and management solutions to meet these requirements.

Manacle isrecognized for providing world-class solutions to the solid waste and resource challenges of today. The solutions we create for our clients Range from traditional to cutting-edge, depending on specific client requirements.

Our specialist Waste and Environmental skills include:

Solid Waste Management

  • Solid Waste Management Strategies and Policy
  • Waste Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Waste Stream Auditing and Characterization
  • Waste Minimization& Recycling Studies
  • Landfill Planning, Design, Management & Rehabilitation
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management
  • Waste to Energy and New Technologies
  • Environmental Planning & Assessment
  • Environmental Permit Applications
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring & Assessment

Dependable MANACLE engineering expertise from A to Z.

Bet you can’t find an engineering discipline that we don’t have covered at Jacobs. From Aerospace Engineering to Zoological Engineering and every sort of engineering between, we have the expertise and the passion that our clients need when they’re looking for technical solutions to help them meet their business objectives.

We partner with our clients and understand their goals, providing leadership and organization to produce designs that achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability. Our project delivery systems benefit from best practices learned from our 2+Years of delivering successful projects of all sizes for clients around the world.


MANACLE provides economical structural systems, suitable for various project types with a philosophy to create a Structural Design that would complement the Architectural Design facilitating ease of construction


MANACLE provides comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Design services encompassing all specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct a single or a complex of buildings. MANACLE’s Design results in an Architecture that is relevant to this Region, employing the State-of -the-Art Technology available in the World. While Design Excellence and Quality of Aesthetics are of paramount importance to MANACLE, a thorough process of cost reduction methods is adhered to throughout the design and construction periods on all MANACLE projects.

Project Types include: Residential, Commercial, Office, Educational, Cultural, Recreational, Hospitality, Healthcare Facilities.

MANACLE Building Engineering Services

MANACLE ENGINEERING provides a complete HVAC design for various project types,. By employing the most up-to-date engineering developments in The field and utilizing stringent energy conserving methods, MANACLE is able to create a most comfortable interior building environment.


MANACLE provides Water Supply, Sanitary Drainage, and Fire Protection systems design for various project types,. MANACLE employing most recent Engineering methods and pays particular concern to Public Health and Life Safety of the facility users.


MANACLE provides comprehensive electrical design services for building services, infrastructure and industrial projects. MANACLE offers specialized.

Design expertise encompassing electrical power distribution networks, on-site generation, interior and exterior lighting, telecommunications.

Infrastructure, fire detection and alarm, CCTV, access control and security systems management, intelligent building management systems, and

Industrial power and controls

Architecture & Interior

Striking the right balance.

Architectural and interior design is the combination of our clients’ needs and values, art and technology, community and place – all coming together creatively to build environments that enrich people’s lives and elevate the human spirit.

To do this, we focus on promoting design excellence rather than a signature style, because our design response for each project arises out of the specifics of its site, program, and physical and cultural context. Our approach is thoughtful and collaborative; each design and construction stakeholder plays an important role in helping us derive the right the solution to delight our clients.

In designing interiors we aim to inspire and reflect our clients’ identities. We familiarize ourselves with their needs, histories, brand identities, work styles, and management philosophies to balance artistic expression with functional, pragmatic considerations.

We integrate all of our services to create facilities that meet clients' needs both now and in the future.

We put all our talents, ideas and experiences toward striking the right balance between achieving unequaled building solutions and meeting our clients’ business needs, goals, and ultimate visions.

The Logistics and Transportation Industry in the INDIA

The logistics and transportation industry in the India is highly competitive. By investing in this sector, multinational firms position themselves to better facilitate the flow of goods throughout the world’s largest consumer market. International and domestic companies in this industry benefit from a highly skilled workforce and relatively low costs and regulatory burdens.

A highly integrated supply chain network in the India links producers and consumers through multiple transportation modes, including air and express delivery services, freight rail, maritime transport, and truck transport. To serve customers efficiently, multinational and domestic firms provide tailored logistics and transportation solutions that ensure coordinated goods movement from origin to end user through each supply chain network segment.

Industry Subsectors

Logistics services: This subsector includes inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, supply and demand planning, third-party logistics management, and other support services. Logistics services are involved at all levels in the planning and execution of the movement of goods.

Air and express delivery services (EDS): Firms offer expedited, time-sensitive, and end-to-end services for documents, small parcels, and high-value items. EDS firms also provide the export infrastructure for many exporters, particularly small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to operate their own supply chain.

Freight rail: High volumes of heavy cargo and products are transported long distances via the rail tracking network. Freight rail moves more than 70 percent of the nation’s coal, 58 percent of its raw metal ores, and more than 30 percent of its grain.

Maritime:This subsector includes carriers, seaports, terminals, and labor involved in the movement of cargo and passengers by water

Trucking:Over-the-road transportation of cargo is provided by motor vehicles over short and medium distances.

Helping transportation clients move forward.

Our clients move people, goods, and freight over land, through the air, across the sea, underground, and even through mountains, and we help them achieve it.

Clients rely on us to be strategic and practical; to help them save money while being innovative; and to be environmentally sensitive and understanding of community concerns when delivering crucial infrastructure projects.

Our approach of establishing long-term relationships with our clients drives our ability to help them reach their goals, across all transport modes.

We bring value through cost-effective solutions and services ranging from transportation planning, design, engineering, and construction management to land development, environmental permitting, and support with innovative financing measures and public-private partnerships.

Lifting clients to new heights.

Our aviation teams help clients and their customers prepare for a smooth take-off and landing at international, regional, and municipal airports around the globe.

Starting with aviation planning, site development, and asset management to architecture and engineering design through to construction support, commissioning and long-term facilities management, we are able to help our clients connect all of the critical aspects of their facility to provide an excellent experience for their traveling customers.

Roads & Highways

As the world’s population grows and businesses continue to develop, our transportation clients require smarter planning options, adaptable delivery methods, non-traditional financing solutions, and lower construction costs to deal with their booming infrastructure needs.

In addition, the era of Connected Vehicles is rapidly approaching, utilizing wireless technology to allow vehicles to communicate with each other and with surrounding elements of the transportation infrastructure. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are needed support this changing technological landscape.

We are able to meet those needs by engaging our global network of highway and traffic experts to provide our clients with thoughtful and innovative solutions that meet demanding implementation schedules, manage risk, control costs, and simplify operations in ways that were not possible just a few years ago.

Our experience includes major interchanges, intersection improvements, milling and resurfacing projects, ITS solutions, and toll roads. We offer some of the best design and construction experience available, including teams that have pioneered the HOV/HOT/TOT concept.

We dig beyond the normal depths.

With shifting market conditions, increased environmental controls and expectations, and other variables, clients need a partner with the experience and resources to design and manage every aspect of a project. Often located in remote locations and extreme environments, these operations require a deep understanding and expertise across a range of services.

We provide full project cycle capabilities to the mining, minerals, and iron and steel industries from locations worldwide. Adding value at every step, we work with our clients on project planning, feasibility/studies, engineering, procurement, construction, construction management, implementation, operations, decommissioning and closure, and mine infrastructure requirements.

Our global procurement strength and cost-estimating experience provide value to clients when securing necessary equipment and materials, even in remote locations.

Some key areas of expertise:

  • Mineral Processing: crushing, milling, flotation, filtration, thickening
  • Hydrometallurgy: leaching, heap leaching, pressure oxidation, solvent
  • extraction, ion-exchange
  • Bio-oxidation
  • Electro refining and electro winning
  • Pyrometallurgy: smelting, roasting, refining, calcining
  • Underground mining
  • Materials handling
  • Sulfuric acid technology
  • Value engineering
  • Risk analysis (HAZOP)
  • Global procurement

Mine-to-metal capability across a range of commodities.

Our clients are building and operating some of the world’s most technically challenging projects in highly demanding environments.

Providing support across a wide range of capabilities, plant capacities and metal production, we deliver complete solutions to develop, expand and treat simple and complex ore bodies, including non-ferrous sulfide and oxide minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, and nickel.

Each project has its own unique set of challenges, whether it requires significant skilled construction resources, innovative materials handling and procurement strategies, or creative thinking around environmental management and sustainability requirements. We are always looking for ways to help our clients grow, expand, and innovate.

Flexible capacity – anywhere it’s needed.

Solid Numbers

By integrating our project teams into our clients' business, we truly align with their strategic priorities. Creative planning and new ways of designing and implementing facilities are becoming increasingly essential, as clients look to increase the productivity of their existing mining operations, or research and develop new long-life facilities.

We design, construct and commission small to large capacity concentrators in the geographies where our clients need us. We help reduce plant area by utilizing large capacity equipment. We optimize process routes, and continuously search for cost-effective construction materials and techniques.

We deliver complete ore processing facilities, for precious metals projects including gold, silver, and platinum, across a wide range of plant capacities and metal production rates. Ores treated include both free milling and refractory (including roasting, pressure oxidation and bioxidation processes). Many recent gold projects for our clients have involved primary crushing followed by semi-autogenous grinding and ball milling.

Exceptional service through the life of a project.

We have developed a deep understanding and capability across the unit operations needed for the processing of potash, soda ash, phosphates, borates, mineral sands, and other evaporates.

A feasibility study may grow to technology implementation, detailed engineering, procurement, construction management, and infrastructure. As the complexity of the projects increase we draw on our minerals expertise, as well as experience in large industrial projects, to help clients execute their development and expansion plans.

Our services in the industrial minerals area include:

  • Material handling
  • Crushing/grinding
  • Thickening/classification
  • Carbonation/calcination
  • Leaching/filtration
  • Crystallization
  • Centrifuging
  • Drying
  • Product storage/load out
  • Dust control
  • Process control systems

Operation & Maintenance

Our clients invest in their facilities with the expectation that they function optimally for many years. As one of the largest and safest operations and maintenance contractors in the world, our teams make that happen.

We have the experience and dedication to support every aspect of maintaining and operating facilities and plants for many industries.

Managing the performance of facilities and buildings requires a full suite of integrated services; such as site management, operations support, engineering, safety management, planning, scheduling, quality services, supervision, procurement, administration, warehousing, shipping and logistics, and skilled equipment operators and trade professionals.

We supply all these services and many more; and because we understand our clients’ businesses intimately, we constantly work with them to assess programs and develop strategies to maximize the value of their assets throughout their entire life cycles.

Services include:

  • Facility evergreen maintenance
  • Facility operations
  • On-stream maintenance
  • Shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Emergency outages
  • Dismantling, removal and relocations
  • Plant improvement projects
  • Capacity increase and expansion projects
  • Supplement owners’ in-house maintenance activities
  • Salvage and demolition projects
  • Preventive and predictable maintenance programs
  • Risk based maintenance

Helping you plan, forecast, expand and thrive.

We relish the opportunity to help a client realize a vision through our planning capabilities. Our planning teams are leaders in real estate strategies, demographic and economic analysis, facility and infrastructure planning, utilities and energy master planning, and land & site development, permitting, community involvement, and workplace strategies -- to name a few.

We have a knack for understanding our clients’ unique challenges, establishing parameters, and developing recommendations that respond to their specific issues.

With a variety of specialty practice areas of expertise such as asset management and commissioning; transport planning; petroleum, chemicals and energy consulting; utility management; and laboratory planning, we provide a broad range of management, economic, marketing, and technical services and applications.

Services include:

  • Demographic, financial, risk analysis, and economic appraisal
  • Funding & commercial advice
  • Site selection & land development
  • Permitting studies and permitting assistance
  • Asset management & facilities planning
  • Real estate & market analysis
  • Geospatial information systems (GIS)
  • Programming, master planning and conceptual design
  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Utilities consulting, assessment, forecasting, strategy
  • Surveying
  • Technology evaluations
  • Transportation strategy and modeling

Efficient, safe, ethical supply chains.

Companies and governments with complex projects and programs turn to us for the best prices, highest quality materials, and lowest risk to create and maintain the smoothest supply chains in the world.

With decades of purchasing experience on projects enormous to small, we partner with the best strategic suppliers for basic and fabricated materials, world-class logistics for delivery and inspection, and industry-leading accounting and inventory controls.

Leveraging our partnerships with safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible vendors and contractors, we are able to deliver high quality, cost effective procurement services.

Our global team of contract and procurement professionals provides an integrated range of services including management of contracts, purchasing, tendering, award formation and administration, inspection, expediting, quality control, logistics, and materials management.

Every vendor/contractor goes through a pre-qualification process, and must meet our supplier code of conduct, anti-corruption guidelines, and safety standards.

Services include:

  • Market research / intelligence
  • Procurement planning
  • Purchasing
  • Sub-contracting & vendor sourcing
  • Expediting
  • Inspection
  • Transportation & logistics support
  • Field materials (bulk materials)
  • Warehousing & inventory
  • Field QA/QC
  • Invoice processing


As a leading textile manufacturer for more than 2 years, MANACLE TEXTILE has built its reputation by continually developing textiles that solve business-critical problems from an engineering, innovative and performance perspective.

Our experience across a wide spectrum of specialty industries allows us to ask the right questions that lead to the creation of breakthrough products which keep our customers at the forefront of their markets. The source of our success is rooted in our ability to thoroughly understand the problems our customers face and develop fabric solutions that address these challenges.

Our Application Driven Design approach means that each project is evaluated by the specific demands of its application. By fully understanding how the fabric will be used and the ultimate benefit of the end product, we can design a textile that delivers the desired performance. This in-depth approach often results in innovative fabric formations that will enhance the end product. When you team with MANACLE textile



MANACLE Textile manufactures solid knit fabrics with a wide range of breathability and flexibility. Knitted with interlocking stitches, our experienced technicians can alter the shape and size of these loops to create a spectrum of elongation qualities. We can construct solid knits that are completely stable or we can design solid knits with a great deal of stretch in width, length or bias. Solid knits breathe. Even the densest, most solid appearing knits have tiny openings, allowing the flow of air. The potential variability in sold knit fabric design allows the experienced team of MANACLE TEXTILE to create an enormous range of products to meet our customers' diverse needs. Our solid knits might be in your car seats allowing the upholstery to be shape-fitted to the foam underneath, or they may be in orthopedic devices, which require strength and significant stretch. They're in office furniture where the upholstery needs to support and conform neatly to the contours of a chair and they're in running shoes, helping to keep your foot comfortable and cool. Our creativity with solid knits is closely linked to our customers' imagination. Our textile specialists consult and partner with every customer. We're not content with a simple description of what you want. We ask questions, digging deep to learn your needs and understand the parameters in which you are working. We remain connected until we've created the precise fabric you want.


We create mesh netting fabrics with an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. The advantage of mesh and net fabrics reside in their strength-to-weight ratio. These textiles can be lightweight, but remarkably tough and tear resistant. As one of the leading producers of mesh and netting in the India , MANACLE TEXTILE breadth and depth of experience allows us to vary the porosity of mesh and netting properties to meet highly specific applications. We can tighten the loops to create a filter fabric that allows water to pass through while capturing tiny particulates. We can use high elongation or elastomeric yarns to make fabrics with significant stretch and recovery. MANACLE TEXTILE ability to vary the component yarns and design of the mesh and netting allows us to manufacture a variety of textiles ranging from high-volume, low-cost to high-tech, cutting-edge products. We've innovated mesh netting for several industry applications. Within the aquaculture industry, clam farmers experienced a reduction in product yield using home grown solutions. We developed a mesh solution for their grow-out bags, with properties that can withstand the corrosive effects of constant submersion in saltwater and strong enough to keep predators at bay. For the military industry, existing tactical vests were adding unnecessary weight. We developed a lighter weight mesh fabric for these vests, which met specifications and subtracted precious weight from the soldiers' load. If mesh netting can solve a problem, we can design the precise fabric that meets your needs.


3D spacer fabrics offer some of the most innovative solutions of today. Because of our ability to design two distinct fabric surfaces along with the variability of connecting spacer yarns and thicknesses, an almost limitless variety of application solutions are within our reach. One great appeal of 3D spacer fabric is that it can, in some applications, replace foam that degrades yellows and is not environmentally friendly. 3D spacers allow for tremendous breathability, and we can vary the elongation and stability of the yarns to customize your solution. With 3D spacers, we are able to work with our customers to design the appearance of both the top and bottom layers, which may require separate performance and aesthetic qualities. Our 3D spacer fabrics are changing the way contract furniture is fashioned, allowing for increased comfort and design options. The fabric's breathability allows us to devise recreational backpacks that are light and comfortable against a hiker's back. 3D spacers are integral to today's high performance running shoes. An extremely thick version is used in mattress toppers for severe sleep apnea sufferers, allowing enhanced breathability that is not available with traditional mattresses. MANACLE TEXTILE continues to develop a wide range of cutting edge spacer solutions for an ever-growing list of industries and applications.



Collaboration and precision are vital to the success of MANACLEMILLS . Knowing the full extent of the challenges our customers face allows us to solve them with technical precision. Here's an example: A leading office furniture manufacturer came to us with a revolutionary new chair concept and needed a revolutionary new fabric for it. Our team met with their chief designer and engineer to thoroughly understand their aesthetic and performance goals. The design of the chair required a 3D spacer knit with a specific elongation parameter, but one that could not buckle or pucker. And, while they didn't want the chair to look like home furnishings, they also did not want it to appear too high tech. We developed a preliminary design with the characteristics and properties to address their needs. After several iterations we produced exactly what the customer had envisioned for, what is today, one of their top selling office chairs. To MANACLE Mills, engineering is collaboration. It's the process of turning the customer's exact problem into our own challenge, then working quickly to create a precise solution. Nobody works more closely with customers than MANACLE Mills.


Innovation is not simply dreaming up new ideas. It’s in the ability to transform new ideas into actual products. MANACLE Mills is asked to truly innovate all the time. A customer contacted MANACLE Mills with the idea of treating wastewater using a fabric that allowed water-purifying bacteria to multiply in quantities that could eat the impurities from the water. MANACLE Mills engineers fully evaluated the problem and implemented a highly unconventional manner of knitting that produced a fabric with large loops and a uniquely textured surface to accelerate bacteria growth. After much research and testing, MANACLE Mills delivered the textile solution, which today is patented and widely used in the treatment of wastewater. MANACLE Mills innovates across industries.


Customers use our products in mission critical situations and must have the confidence that our fabrics will perform to the standards they’ve established. When we created a gold-coated fabric for the stealth bomber, minimizing its radar detectability, When we were called upon to create a low infrared signature textile for military gear, soldiers’ lives were depending upon us. Time after time, MANACLE Mills meets the performance challenge. Our fabric is an essential component in the lightweight, highly efficient multi-layer insulation systems used by space vehicles. Every vehicle that launches into space needs insulation to ensure continued operations. Our fabric plays a key role in helping to moderate the extreme temperatures in space. Within the medical field, we created a fabric for joint replacement products. When physicians learned that smooth stainless steel does not stimulate bone growth into the artificial insert, MANACLE Mills developed a coarse, high strength yet flexible, fabric to shroud the insertion, thereby promoting adhesion and reducing integration time. In textiles, there are basic properties that repeatedly come into play: strength-to weight ratio, elongation and stretch, durability, porosity and thickness. The secret to consistent performance is finding the perfect balance between these properties to meet our customers.


Textiles are far more sophisticated than sweaters and cotton cloth. With applications in fields as wide ranging as aerospace, automotive, biodiversity and health care, the broad range of qualities and characteristics that textiles offer, make them a perfect solution for challenges from simple to complex. Some are tough, some are soft, some are stretchy, some are all of these. Some help clean polluted water.

Some prevent burns. Some hold airplane parts together. Others camouflage soldiers in combat. How does MANACLE Mills design products for such a wide range of customer needs?


Yarns are the building blocks of textiles. At MANACLE Mills, we work with yarn makers to create yarns specific to each customer's needs. MANACLE Mills uses only synthetic yarns, which are created by heating and softening polyester chips, then spinning and extruding them in long continuous filaments.

A yarn might be monofilament-like fishing line, or it can use combinations of multiple filaments spun together forming yarns with various properties. These multifilament yarns create fabrics with unique structure, such as increased stretchiness, greater porosity, or varying degrees of softness, toughness, luster or pliability. Some yarns may consist of over a hundred filaments spun together, making the end fabric softer and more plush. In essence, the higher the filament count, measured in deniers, the softer the fabric will be.

Yarns have different lusters-degrees of brightness. Most yarns in cross section are round, but a cross section of a tri-local yarn looks like a triangle with concave sides, which produce the most reflective fabrics. Vests for highway workers are made with tri-local yarns, so that they may be as bright as possible. Yarns can have hydrophilic properties designed into them, to wick water away, or they can have antimicrobial elements added, to avoid unpleasant odors. Now, many yarns are being recycled adding environmental friendliness to their attributes.


Yarn choice is critical in a fabric; most major textile mills buy materials from the same yarn makers. When yarns come through MANACLE Mills' doors, that's where the magic begins. That's where spools of yarn become something more than what our competitors offer. MANACLE Mills does not weave its textiles. We use only warp knitting because of the advantages it provides over other techniques.

Woven fabrics are made from threads running vertically and horizontally (think a broadcloth shirt) which leaves little room for variation in porosity and almost no room for stretch. Warp knitting, the linking of stitches and loops (think of a quality golf shirt), frees designers to vary the fabric's architecture in ways that affect elasticity, porosity, durability, coarseness or smoothness. Warp knitting allows for the production of much wider sheets of fabric than circular knitting or weaving. It creates fabrics much less likely to sag, shrink or ravel. And, warp knitting allows MANACLE Mills to create three different kinds of fabric: solid knit, mesh/netting and 3D spacer fabrics.

Warp knitting involves attaching sometimes thousands of yarn filaments side by side on a long metal spool called a beam and winding them together. It's critical that all the filaments are wound onto the beam at the same tension to prevent defects in the fabric. It is a scientific process and requires the skills of a trained technician to thread the machine properly. When you watch someone knit a sweater, they move horizontally, one row of loops and stitches at a time. A warp knitting machine knits vertically by using thousands of needles to create thousands of loops and stitches simultaneously.

By varying the type of yarns used and how, and by altering the movement of the needles, MANACLE Mills can create solid knit or mesh knit fabrics with loop openings of differing shapes and sizes. The machines provide enormous flexibility, so that vastly different textiles can be produced from the same process.

Warp knitting also allows us to create 3D spacer fabrics, which are replacing foam in many applications because they're more durable and environmentally kind. These fabrics consist of two layers of multifilament mesh knits connected with lengths of thick spacer fibers-often springy monofilament-to create a thicker, bouncier fabric that allows for air movement between the layers. These fabrics are useful in office furniture, military backpacks, running shoes and automotive seats that feature blown air circulation.


The fabric that rolls off the warp knitting machine is called greige (pronounced "gray"). Some greige fabrics are used as is but a considerable number of MANACLE Mills textiles require finishing. When customers want colored fabrics, the greige is placed in a jet-dye tank and subjected to heat and pressure so that the injected dyes take evenly and are colorfast.

A mesh knit fabric will naturally want to compress like an accordion. These fabrics require tenting, a process whereby the fabric edges are pinned to parallel rails which can be widened or narrowed to provide the preferred elongation, stretch and smoothness of the fabric. It is then run through heating ovens precisely regulated at pre-determined temperatures that MANACLE Mills engineers know will set the fabric's stretch memory. We're able to create various textiles with the precise elongation and elasticity our customers want them to have.

At this point, fabrics may be treated with other applications according to the customer's needs: antimicrobial elements, flame retardant chemicals, UV treatment to prevent color fading, or resins to make the fabric stiffer.

Nobody has the breadth of capability that MANACLE Mills has. We can produce a fabric that weighs a half-ounce per linear yard, or one that weighs 25 ounces per linear yard.

MANACLEEngineeringbring extensive design and construction experience in all types of tunnels – for highways, railroads, and water and wastewater systems – including immersed tube, cut-and-cover, blasted, machine-bored, and shield-driven – from hard rock to soft soil conditions.

Our depth of knowledge covers the full range of tunnel techniques from small-diameter non-man entry tunnels, through hand excavated tunnels, to large mechanized excavations using in-situ or segmental lining systems and NATM techniques. Also our inspection, assessment, repair, and upgrading services can help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of an existing tunnel.

We offer specialized solutions including state-of-the-art tunnel lighting systems to cut energy costs and improve driving conditions; as well as safety and Security services for early warning systems for fire and smoke detection, chemical or hazardous materials, emergency communications devices, as well as blast-proof structures and facilities.


A bridge is one of the most significant statements a community can make, both physically and symbolically. Covering all bridge types including suspension, cable-stayed, arch, truss, girder, segmental, and movable bridges, many of our projects have received public and peer recognition for innovative design and engineering.

Our public and private clients rely on us for planning and design services for all of their projects ranging from vertical lift, bascule, and swing span bridges, to complex interchanges and viaducts in major urban centers.


We bring extensive design and construction experience in all types of tunnels – for highways, railroads, and water and wastewater systems – including immersed tube, cut-and-cover, blasted, machine-bored, and shield-driven – from hard rock to soft soil conditions.

Our depth of knowledge covers the full range of tunnel techniques from small-diameter non-man entry tunnels, through hand excavated tunnels, to large mechanized excavations using in-situ or segmental lining systems and NATM techniques. Also our inspection, assessment, repair, and upgrading services can help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of an existing tunnel.

We offer specialized solutions including state-of-the-art tunnel lighting systems to cut energy costs and improve driving conditions; as well as safety and security services for early warning systems for fire and smoke detection, chemical or hazardous materials, emergency communications devices, as well as blast-proof structures and facilities.

Variant tunnel types:-

Double-deck and multipurpose tunnels

Some tunnels are double-deck, for example the two major segments of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (completed in 1936) are linked by a double-deck tunnel through Yerba Buena Island, the largest-diameter bored tunnel in the world.[16] At construction this was a combination bidirectional rail and truck pathway on the lower deck with automobiles above, now converted to one-way road vehicle traffic on each deck.

In Hong Kong SAR (of China), the Lion Rock Tunnel, built in the mid 1960s connecting New Kowloon and Sha Tin, carries a motorway and an aqueduct. A recent double-deck tunnel with both decks for motor vehicles is the Fuxing Road Tunnel in Shanghai, China. Cars travel on the two-lane upper deck, and heavier vehicles on the single-lane lower level.

Multipurpose tunnels exist that have more than one purpose. The SMART Tunnel in Malaysia is the first multipurpose flood control tunnel in the world, used both to convey traffic and occasional flood waters in Kuala Lumpur.

Common utility ducts or utility tunnels are carry two or more utility lines. Through co-location of different utilities in one tunnel, organizations are able to reduce the costs of building and maintaining utilities.

Covered passageways

Over-bridges can sometimes be built by covering a road or river or railway with brick or steel arches, and then leveling the surface with earth. In railway parlance, a surface-level track which has been built or covered over is normally called a "covered way".

Snow sheds are a kind of artificial tunnel built to protect a railway from avalanches of snow. Similarly the Stanwell Park, New South Wales "steel tunnel", on the South Coast Line, protects the line from rockfalls.

Safety and security

Owing to the enclosed space of a tunnel, fires can have very serious effects on users. The main dangers are gas and smoke production, with even low concentrations of carbon monoxide being highly toxic. Fires killed 11 people in the Gotthard tunnel fire of 2001 for example, all of the victims succumbing to smoke and gas inhalation. Over 400 passengers died in the Balvano train disaster in Italy in 1944, when the locomotive halted in a long tunnel. Carbon monoxide poisoning was the main cause of death. In the Caldecott Tunnel fire of 1982, the majority of fatalities were caused by toxic smoke, rather than by the initial crash.

Motor vehicle tunnels usually require ventilation shafts and powered fans to remove toxic exhaust gases during routine operation.[18]

Rail tunnels usually require fewer air changes per hour, but still may require forced-air ventilation. Both types of tunnels often have provisions to increase ventilation under emergency conditions, such as a fire. Although there is a risk of increasing the rate of combustion through increased airflow, the primary focus is on providing breathable air to persons trapped in the tunnel, as well as firefighters.

When there is a parallel, separate tunnel available, airtight but unlocked emergency doors are usually provided which allow trapped personnel to escape from a smoke-filled tunnel to the parallel tube.[19]

Larger, heavily-used tunnels, such as the Big Dig tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts, may have a dedicated 24-hour manned operations center which monitors and reports on traffic conditions, and responds to emergencies.[20] Video surveillance equipment is often used, and real-time pictures of traffic conditions for some highways may be viewable by the general public via the Internet.

Station Construction

Mining Techniques - Sequential Excavation Method

Manacle Engineering

The sequential excavation method (SEM, also known as NATM or New Austrian Tunneling Method) is a mined method that will primarily be used for the Chinatown Station. This method is used to control deformations and thereby mobilize and maximize the self supporting capacity of the surrounding rock or soil. The tunnel excavation is carried out in increments (headings or rounds) in numerical sequence, which are supported with sprayed concrete (shotcrete) and other supporting elements immediately after exposure, followed by installation of additional steel and shotcrete support elements until a safe stable opening is created. SEM provides a high degree of flexibility during construction and makes it possible to control virtually all kinds of ground conditions, thereby greatly reducing the risks of construction. This method of tunnel construction is used worldwide for small to large openings in a variety of ground types ranging from rock to soil.

After completion of the excavation and initial support, a waterproofing system is installed between the initial and the final lining. The final lining, which can be either reinforced cast-in-place concrete or reinforced shot Crete, is then installed.


Tunnels are dug in types of materials varying from soft clay to hard rock. The method of tunnel construction depends on such factors as the ground conditions, the ground water conditions, the length and diameter of the tunnel drive, the depth of the tunnel, the logistics of supporting the tunnel excavation, the final use and shape of the tunnel and appropriate risk management.

There are three basic types of tunnel construction in common use:

  • Cut-and-cover tunnel, constructed in a shallow trench and then covered over.
  • Bored tunnel, constructed in situ, without removing the ground above. They are usually of circular or horseshoe cross-section.
  • Immersed tube tunnel, sunk into a body of water and laid on or buried just under its bed.

Cut-and-Cover Method

The cut and cover method employing a “top-down” or “bottoms-up” approach will be used for the Union Square/Market Street Station, for the Yerba Buena/Moscone Station and for the Tunnel Portal. This method involves construction of a box frame structure within a trench excavation that is subsequently backfilled. In urban settings the cut-and-cover method requires utility relocation, traffic re-routing, and creates construction impacts in the form of noise, dust, and traffic, transit and business access disruption. “Top-down” refers to the sequence of final structures erected with the excavation, whereas with the “bottoms-up” approach the excavation utilizes temporary struts and bracings to the final level before erection of final structures from the bottom of excavation back up to surface.

Decking will be placed over the cut immediately following the first layer of excavation to reduce traffic disruption. The decking is removed and the surface restored at the end of construction. Temporary excavation support walls (or shoring) are installed before significant excavation commences. These walls must be supported with internal struts as the excavation is deepened to avoid instability and control settlement at the sides of the cut. The shoring used will either be cased secant piles or slurry walls.

Cased secant piles are non-driven piles that can be used for ground support in soft ground and hard ground. Secant pile walls are formed by constructing interlocked concrete piles reinforced with steel beams. Used extensively in dense population areas due to the minimal disturbance they cause to adjacent structures, secant pile walls are commonly used for shafts and stations in saturated soil conditions. The steel reinforcement in the form of wide-flange sections will be dropped or vibrated into place.

Slurry walls are reinforced concrete walls used in areas of soft earth close to open water or with high ground water table. A trench is excavated to create the diaphragm (water-blocking) foundation walls around the perimeter of the excavation. The trench is kept full of surry preventing collapse from the earth pressure and prevents water flow into the trench. The slurry wall uses steel reinforcement cages which are lowered into to the trench and filled with concrete to displace the slurry. The slurry wall serves as both the excavation of support and permanent wall structure of the station.

Tunnel Construction

A construction approach called “deep tunneling” will be used to construct the Central Subway. Deep tunneling allows most of the work to be done below ground, reducing disruption on the surface. The tunneling will be accomplished with a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), detailed in the next section, that has been used extensively throughout the world. Deep tunneling has great potential for controlling project costs by minimizing surface construction staging, reducing utility relocations and shortening construction time.

The only visible tunneling activity will occur at the portal construction location (4th Street between Bryant and Harrison streets) and at the excavation site (Columbus Avenue at Union Street)

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

A TBM consists of a rotating cutterhead within a cylindrical steel shell that is pushed forward along the axis of the tunnel while excavating the ground through the cutterhead. The steel shield supports the excavated ground as required until the final tunnel lining is built in the rear of the shield. The shield is propelled using hydraulic jacks that thrust against the erected tunnel lining system. The TBM is used in conjunction with a prefabricated ground support system, which consists of pre-cast concrete segments that are bolted and gasketed to form a watertight lining.

Pressure-face TBMs that are capable of exerting a balancing pressure against the tunnel face are used to control excavation rates and groundwater inflow, as well as to maintain stability of the tunnel face.

After completion of TBM excavation and installation of the lining, the temporary rail and conveyor system are removed, the invert is cleaned, and a flat invert for the permanent rail fixation and a raised walkway are constructed as reinforced, cast-in-place concrete. The invert contains embedded pipes and inlets for track drainage.

TBM’s will be used to construct the entire length of both tunnels. The tunnels will be approximately 8300’ long and range in depth from approximately 40’ to 120’.

Complete water management solutions.

Driven by the growing need to replace aging water management infrastructure, our public and private clients are investing to keep these major systems operational. In developing nations, such as India and China, there are plans to invest billions in water infrastructure over the next 50 years

We offer a complete solution package to our clients’ water, wastewater, and flood control challenges across the world. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment enables us to adapt solutions to help our clients address their stakeholder needs – from investor to end user. We work closely with municipalities on projects ranging from regulatory enforcement requirements tackling sewer overflows, to green solutions for storm water management. Addressing issues such as collection, treatment and re-use of wastewater for our clients, we deliver the benefits of sustainable, innovative, cost-saving solutions to meet their needs.

Skilled at managing large, complex programs, we can also help government clients keep costs down by staffing substantial, multi-year programs. While we work at the local level to meet specific individual entity needs, we are able to leverage our water resources experts across the globe to bring the best practices of the industry to any project.

Addressing flood risk safely and sustainably.

Communities around the world face an escalating risk of flooding due to the impacts of climate change, the growing demands we place on our land, and an increasing population. The economic damage to our coastal cities alone is estimated to rise by the year 2050.

Our global resources combine multi-disciplinary expertise to enable broad-scale, cohesive thinking and solutions that are derived by applying the Principles of quality, safety, and sustainability. We implement ground breaking solutions, such as the first open-coast managed realignment providing sustainable flood risk management and creation of intertidal habitat Our capabilities include full end-to-end delivery of flood management solutions comprising strategic assessment, design and construction, non-construction solutions, and a full range of analytical services including geomorphology and hydrodynamic modeling.

Improving the world’s most essential commodity.

Our water resource experts are helping clients meet challenges posed by the increasing imbalance between water supply and demand, driven by extreme drought and/or flooding events, and exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

By exploring in-region water management and water transfer opportunities, we are able to advice on the most efficient and effective surface and groundwater solutions during front end strategy and planning, while also providing continual support through feasibility, engineering and construction.

Our global teams are active in sharing best practices and ideas, helping to improve water quality by combining innovative treatment processes with safe, maintainable engineering solutions that incorporate off-site build technology.

As it relates to collection and distribution systems, our goal is to help preserve existing infrastructure by guiding and implementing prioritized rehabilitation of aging assets. We use up-to-date asset location and condition data to plan, design, schedule, and manage the execution of capital improvement projects. We understand regulatory requirements and limits, and are able to help develop a common-sense program that reduces infiltration/inflow and controls overflows.

Sustaining wastewater treatment strategies.

Communities are facing new challenges to reduce cost and meet ever-tightening standards for wastewater treatment. We help develop solutions that can meet tight discharge limits, save money and have minimal impact on our communities and neighbors.

Our award-winning solutions for nutrient removal reliably meet some of the tightest nutrient limits in the world. We understand how to optimize treatment and have demonstrated our ability to deliver energy efficiencies and cost savings to our clients, reducing power costs by up to 40 percent.

In addition to treatment, our capabilities cover wastewater collection and re-use – offering full service planning, design, program, and construction management of facilities across the world. Specialized services include:

  • Wastewater characterization
  • Treatability studies
  • Compliance and permitting assistance
  • Plant performance evaluation
  • Treatment facility planning & design
  • Nutrient removal
  • Bio solids management
  • Odor control
  • Energy management

Welcome to Manacle Retail!

Manacle Retail is an Indian based E-Commerce company that will help you improve your bottom line. We evaluate customer service standards through a variety of mystery shopping programs and performance reviews.

Manacle Retail is a Customer Satisfaction Management company covering both Indian & Europe that provides its’ clients with information about the presentation and delivery of products and services within their stores through the eyes of the all important customer. It’s time to see what they are really thinking!

Manacle Retail will help...

  • You see your business through your customer's eye
  • Raise the level of service on offer at your retail outlet through performance reviews
  • Maximise the sales potential of every customer
  • Create more return / frequent customers
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Increase the product knowledge of your team
  • Assess training areas that are required
  • Motivate your front line team through incentive schemes
  • Assess competitor's services
  • Evaluate merchandising

Customer service audits provide businesses with an understanding of the experience their customers receive whilst interacting with their outlets. Manacle Retail is an effective and reliable tool that measures service standards of your own outlets as well as the outlets of your competitors. Finding out what service customers receive when visiting the opposition can go a long way to help evaluate your own customer service standards.

In a tough retail environment, where the consumer does not only want the right product, they are demanding superior customer service also and will seek outlets that provide it! Businesses that provide superior service charge up to 9% more for their products or services. It is your team that will help your business to come out on top of your competitors every time. This is because it is your team that will offer your customers a unique environment to shop in, by giving them awesome customer satisfaction.

These issues and many more are the concerns of retailers worldwide. Retail Reality can help you control these issues by providing you with the tools that you need to ensure your business potential is maximized, through Manacle Retail

Retail & Shopper Insights

We help you turn shoppers into buyers - We help you turn shoppers into buyers by understanding shopper needs, motivations, behaviours, barriers and triggers across the path to purchase to the point of decision.

We help you stay ahead of retail and channel evolution - We help you assess channel opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and frame go-to-market strategy by understanding how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing.

Retail & Shopper Consulting Solutions

We create strategies that drive your long-term growth - We help you unlock future sources of real growth through the development of fact based category drivers and activation platforms. These are tailor-made for specific channels and retailers and are purpose built to influence purchase behaviour.

We power up your sales strategies - We help you to improve your performance with retailers through better business planning and alignment of brand with retailer and shopper objectives. We also help build your go to market strategy, choosing which channels to compete in, how best to access them and how to win within them.

We drive the commercial performance of your organization - We help you to develop the commercial capability of your organization and the commercial competency of your people. We do this through organization design, commercial process mapping, competency modelling and the assessment, design and delivery of training academies.

Retail & Shopper Analytics, Tools and Applications

We improve your assortment, promotions and price - We help you to apply best in class analytical tools and consulting services to create winning strategies in-store and on-line across assortment, merchandising, promotions and price.

We help you make better, faster retail decisions with our virtual reality software - We help you to create virtual retail environments and product content for virtual merchandising, store design, category management, retail execution and shopper research so you can make better, faster retail decisions.

We help you to improve your sales performance with our end-to-end software platform - We help you to harness the power of advanced analytics to transform insights into powerful sales strategies while effectively driving critical sales processes. We do this through sales planning, trade promotion management and optimization, retail execution and advanced pricing.

We help you target and evaluate marketing campaigns by linking consumer and purchase behaviour data - We help you identify likely buyers, target them and assess the effectiveness of marketing work through our proprietary and partner data sets and analytic tools.

Our E-Commerce Market place partners are:-

Amazon. in,,,,,,

Keep in Mind... Unsatisfied Customers do more damage by telling other people about the bad shopping experience they had, rather than complain to you about it!

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